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domingo, junio 04, 2006



Days of wonder, of discovery, of falling in love
with mere dreams...... Days of happiness and friends.

1985, one of the best years of my life,
Duran Duran, Billy Idol, Madonna,.......
Stylish hair and long earrings......
The walkman.... the tapes...... and my trip to LA,
I went there to finish my studies of the English language
and to try to get into College..... but farther than an
academic experience, it was the discovery of
wonderful and beautiful people, whom I treasure in my
heart, and I hope to see again...

And in this picture, The girls!!!!!
Roshanak and Homeyra (from Iran),
Kieko Watanabe and the other girl??? (Japan)
Brendita (Guatemala), Karla (Honduras) and in the center,
with such a big smile Me!!!!!!

Hisae and Me
Perhaps one of the friends who had such a
big impact on me was Hisae. Beautiful japanese girl
with a golden heart. She was so cute, and caring
I met her at my last days in LA, but I recall her
with such love and tenderness. I came to fall in love
with Japanese Culture because of her, she
showed me so much of her country, I was amazed!!!
Thanks Hisae Suzuki, I hope we could meet again sometime...
And have a green tea ice cream again!!!!! (like in the picture)

The closest ones
Roshanak (left) she is a precious iranian, with
a wonderful heart. Her advice help me through all the time
I lived there. She was one of my best friends ever.
Homeyra (right) Azizam!!!!! days of happiness,
looking at guys, enjoying them!!!!! hahaha,
she was the joy of having a wonderful friend
who is with you in good and bad times...
Brendis, (center) my Guatemalan friend.... I hope you're
fine, and I hope you're happy........

Citra and Takumi
Citra Hermawan (center), what a wonderful friend!!!!! closest
to the limit, my confident, my sister from Indonesia.
Always so happy, always so centered, always a friend.
I wish I could find you again, and have those long
chats we used to have..... I keep you in a very special place
in my heart......

Takumi (left).... I met you at the very last time of my stay
in LA, but you were a gentleman, and a very handsome
japanese guy...... wow!
posted by Lorena Perez at 8:30 a.m.



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