Piel Cambiada

viernes, julio 14, 2006



Sometimes I look at the moon
and a tear flows down to my cheek
my soul... feels kind of lonely....
and I ask myself, why
why has it been so hard to find
what my soul wants...

Tell me moon,
my dear friend,
just tell me why....

Loneliness comes everyday
to visit me
to tell me she is my companion
but I don't want her no more
I want to fly... in the wings
of loving and being loved...

Murmurs of my soul,
cry out loud, my pain
and sometimes, I can't hold it
inside anymore...
pain and cold, my heart feels
and I have to stand...
brave and undefiled,
with a smile in my face
telling everyone, it's ok
when it's not...

When, I've tought of anyone
and no one thinks of me....
when I've given so much
and I've tried so hard...
and nothing... blank, mute
space in my life....
cold, cold, cold... heart...

Tonight, is not a good one....
tomorrow, will be better...
I hope....

posted by Lorena Perez at 9:22 p.m.


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